Rappin’ History Teacher (Reggae Version)

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Rappin’ History Teacher
Teaching is not easy. As an educator, I seek to engage and motivate young people to lead a fulfilling life. Many days, I use humor and music to achieve this goal. I told the students that I used to want to be a rapper and they laughed at me not surprisingly. This just motivated me to share my skills with them. Here is one of the few raps that I made for my students.
Do Now Reggae Version: 
You hear me now. When you a go enter Ms G zone, put away unu cellular phone.
Me no hear for shout, just take unu homework out. Take a seat and rock to da jam rock beat. Ms. G deh pon the mic. A rock for her class. Oooh what sight.
Now look pon the board. Me no here for be ignored.  Da mic a mi sword. Knowledge ina your hear.
Me like a Q-tip but on the smooth tip. You hear pon da river, pon da class. If you a go listen, you a go pass. Me a open unu minds to history and law so close up unu jaw, learning a saw.
Me say look pon the board check for the SWBAT. Me no want hear no brat, you understand,
Unu mind must expand. Me say look pon the board check for SWBAT. Learning a sword. Your needs de right there pon the board. You hear me now.
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