Stains Permeate My Soul

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Stains Permeate My Soul
Life is rough, tough, and demanding.
Forever are my needs always expanding.
Living is so hard, every day I’m always on guard.
My soul is scarred, as a result of being marred.
My insides are burning with a heart that never stops yearning.
A hopeless romantic from the start only one with a broken heart.
Life has torn me, ripped me apart inside but still I walk with pride.
Blemishes remain, stains permeate my soul, sounds and words take their toll.
At night I cry but still I walk with a head held high.
Why oh why I ask God do I have to struggle so?
He tells me it’s his show and I’m in tow for what it is he will bestow.
I walk with a glow knowing each blow proves to be effectual even though
it hurts, it stings, the pain but my strength remains.
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