Who Am I?

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Who Am I?
I’m a girl full of anger, love, bitterness, and care.
Living in the world colored with days that are cold, gloomy, and clear.  What a world I sometimes think?
Other days, I sit think and debate. Wondering who am I?  What am I doing in such a cold world at times?
Being a young black girl, I’m currently feeling like it’s me against the world. Whatever happened to playing worry-free as little boys and girls?
Childhood?! As I ponder on the ‘good old days,’ I try to understand and seek to find this happy cloud.
Everyone reflects on their childhood as the best, well what what about the rest? People like me.
Little boys and girls full of anger, love, bitterness, and care. Living in a world painted with images of red fire, blue crystal clear skies, and black tears.
The color of beauty not the signifier of death. Black Beauty, that’s what I am. A young woman filled with happiness, sadness, and intelligence.
A girl in search of identity to others. One hard to examine. One difficult to understand. No one gets her. Why? She’s a girl who’s very shy, independent and upfront.
A female who’s resilient to all adversities in life: friends, haters, co-workers, whatever. She’s independent, motivated, articulate. That’s who she is to herself. This is who I am to others. Black Beauty.
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