Oh What Will You Do?

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Oh What Will You Do* is  an empowering book for you to read to your daughter whether she is a baby, toddler, or beginning reader. It describes in rhyming prose and with lovely illustration the countless career options available to young girls. As you read this book to your daughter, you are subconsciously helping her choose her career path and imparting the love of reading.

I know this very well as my parents stressed the importance of education and reading from very early. I can recall days my parents read nighttime books to me to the days I read until my mother told me it was time to go to sleep. While pregnant with my daughter, Aria, I thought of the many ways she will impact this world and wrote this book.

I am a strong believer in speaking things into existence. If there is a will, there is a way. The power of spoken word has helped guide me throughout my life. From a young child born with pneumonia who had a slim chance of survival to an autoimmune illness in adulthood, I’ve always had a fighting spirit. Desire, dedication and determination are at my core. Today the I am an educator and humanitarian who inspires young people to reach their potential on a daily basis.

Oh What Will You Do can help your daughter find her way in this world. It will help her explore countless career options and motivate her to impact this world positively. The mind is powerful: train and cultivate it to do whatever the heart desires.

*It is available as an e-book on Amazon and as a paperback here. Also available with this e-book cover:

#girlsandwomen #juvenile #nonfiction #careers #bsrealtalk #drarlenegarcia #drgarcia

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