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Guest Post: BLatina with the Good Hair

I was a former elementary school teacher for five years. After joining a travel club three years ago, traveling the world, and attending business events, I realized being a teacher for another 37 years wasn’t desirable. I wanted to enjoy life more and I wasn’t content with the amount of work I was putting into teaching with little pay. I also learned that relying solely on one income wasn’t smart, however that lesson was taught later on.

About 6 weeks before the school year ended, my principal sat me down and explained how she thought my heart wasn’t into teaching (she was right). As a result, she told me I wasn’t the correct fit for the direction the school was going (once again she was right). After the school year ended, I had feelings of resentment and betrayal towards her and the school. At the same time, my heart was relieved at the thought of not being a classroom teacher anymore. I’m a true believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I’ve never been in the position where I lost something and God didn’t come through with an upgrade.

After a few months of being slightly depressed (slightly because I was still living and traveling), I decided to pursue my idea of BLatina with the Good Hair so I can bring in extra income and fulfill my dream of being a brand ambassador and influencer while traveling the world.


The idea came from having so many encounters about my ethnicity. I had the idea to use educating others about the blatina culture while empowering women to be able to express themselves through interviews and apparel. Originally I started a blog called, “Am I not…Latina?” However, after researching about blogs and how to make money with it, I decided that it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. Blogs require a lot of content writing and so much other stuff. I’m not a fan or writing, but I am a fan of creating things and making it look beautiful. That is when I took initiative to just do the thang and make BLatina with the Good Hair come to life.


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  1. Love this…super happy for you and proud of you. When you’re not happy, that energy is given off into the universe & reverse when you are. I’m excited for you and what amazing blessings and success is coming your way love Sonia

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