I am Visible: Unboxing with Spoonie Essentials

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I was excited to receive my Spoonie Essentials Box! My daughter, Aria, helped me check out its contents. The idea of the box was born to help, Spoonies, chronic illnesses sufferers who go in and out of the hospital. A Spoonie is someone who suffers from a chronic illness or invisible illness. I currently suffer from Graves’ Disease and a genetic mutation which makes treating my illness difficult. I call myself a pill poppin animal because I take supplements and medication all day. Even so, my energy levels still suffer.

Spoons refer to our energy level. Most people have unlimited spoons or energy to accomplish daily tasks where someone with a chronic illness does not. For instance, a chronic illness sufferer starts his or her day with fewer spoons than those who are not ill, As the day nears, someone with an invisible illness like me will have to decide what tasks gets completed whether it is dinner, bathing, eating, taking care of children, laundry etcetera. If we only have two spoons remaining, something will not get done.

Living with a chronic illness is a daily struggle. Getting out of bed for most is taxing and one less spoon for the day. Therefore, a monthly subscription geared towards Spoonies is special. Before I received the box, I was asked about my allergies and medical conditions. The idea of a subscription service tailored to my needs as a Spoonie is fabulous. Watch the video below to see me unbox my Spoonie Essentials!

The box included the following items:

1. Psi Bands for nausea: Great for those who suffer from motion sickness, morning sickness, or effects of chemotherapy. As I get older, motion bothers me. I will be sure take these on the road with me.

2. Two colorful Ouchless Hair Ties: I am always searching for hair ties for both my daughter and I that does not tangle our hair. Glad this was part of the package.

3. Spoonie Bracelet available here: Love this bracelet. It’s  a great everyday wear decorated with spoons. In solidarity, we stand: Spoonies.

4. Caramel Popcorn available here: I love popcorn. Need I say more.

5. Spoonie Planner- Medical Diary to keep track of doctor appointments, medication, side effects, allergies and much more. My doctors have been telling me over the years to keep track of my ailments and what works and what doesn’t. This is an awesome way to do just that!

6.  Chronically Cute Mask made by McKenna Rodriguez: Get yours here. Spoonies tend to have immune deficiencies that decrease the body’s ability to fight sickness and foreign invaders. In other words, we get sick often and a mask as such can help protect us in crowded places and hospitals.

7. Gin Gin candies great for combating a cold or staying healthy. I mince ginger now, but the candies are much more mobile.

8. Highlighter syringes which are super cute made by Kat Crawford get your Syringe Highlers here. Many spoonies have to administer medication themselves. I thought it was clever to include them.

8. I also received a Spoonie decal, a thank you card and motivational quotes. As a spoonie, getting through the day can be very taxing. It is important to have faith and never surrender.

Get your Spoonie Box today! spoonies, bsrealtalk, napsand netflix, areviewbybsrealtalk

What’s in the box? Click here for Spoonie Essential Box contents. Thanks so much for allowing me to review your product.

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