Enough is Enough

Enough is enough, except no one seems to give a f∗ck.
Another sitting duck, accustomed to the news.
One down, two, three, four, five. Lost count…
Black lives continuously denied.

Emotions ensue: incensed, enraged and fuming are a few.
Born free and equal so to speak. When will this hold true?
Or does it depend on your hue?
Another life lost, tossed aside, a life deprived. Why?

Psychological science is very clear.
Hunting us like deer, 1955 was the year
A brutal murder and mutilation laid the foundation
Long ago, shook the conscience of a nation to end Jim Crow.
A plea for change and a break from the firing range.
Remove the twisted fate of crazy and deranged.
Disenfranchisement continues- the longstanding deprivation of rights.
Every city across the country should be shining bright lights.

A call for justice because folks are disgusted.
Yet the racial and ethnic disparities will continue,
Until you acknowledge Kelly, Wayne, Sean, Jordan, Freddie, and Gregory just to name a few. Could be your brother, father, son, or friend if you could only look past their hue.
Justice for humanity, justice for lost lives, justice for our black boys.
Where’s the justice? Where’s the justice? Where’s the justice?

Instead, life goes on, businesses thrive, while distrust and disappointment persist.
The scale is tipped in the opposition direction.
Some question the officers’ levels of force and range of discretion.
Numbness, another life loss, the unfortunate effect of social control led by those out on patrol.

Mass incarceration masks poverty and a society that is stuck
Enough is enough, but no one seems to give a f∗ck
This movement needs some funding, folks to spread the word and get involved.
Take charge and support the cause. Demand real change. Resurge. Recharge.
Emerge as a reckoning force. Become the source to change the course
Because enough is enough.


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