Blogging the Smart Way: An Interview with Greta

Greta Lamfel is the founder of Healthy Living. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree with majors in Accounting and Internal Audit. She loves to inspire others and help them to live their best life. Her book titled “When Life Falls Apart” is one way she reaches people who need motivation. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, writing and researching. Greta is a content creator and professional in the ever-changing blogging world. Although she is constantly faced with struggles, Greta has compiled helpful tips to ensure success in educating her readers.  Read our interview with her below:

What do you find most challenging about blogging or running your business?

I actually wrote a blog about the challenges I have faced as a blogger. You may find that blog here 5 Things they Don’t Tell You About Starting a Blog & Why I Wanted to Quit Blogging

However, the challenges I have faced and am still facing from a business perspective are the following:

Finding clients: Most of my clients email me directly or fill in my booking form requesting my writing services. I only receive about 10% of my business from my own efforts, which is something that I am trying to work on. Perhaps I need to improve my advertising efforts? But these efforts require funding which is something I am holding off on for the moment.

Monitoring performance: Google Analytics is a great tool to measure your blog performance, but it takes a lot of time and knowledge to read the results and interpret them.

Editing: I like to edit my blogs myself because I have found that each time I hire an editor to do it, they completely change my writing style. Of course, this takes time and means that I cannot write more blogs than I used to, but my users have become accustomed to my style and I feel that I want to keep it that way.

Although blogging can be stressful, Greta uses tips she’s developed over the years to further her accomplishments!

Describe your experiences with some of the people you’ve met while blogging or doing business?

For the most part, I have met a bunch of lovely bloggers, all wanting to find their little space on the internet. What I’ve noticed, though, is that beauty bloggers seem to reach popularity much faster than say a motivational blogger. Perhaps this is because most women want to be beautiful and if they can get these tips online for free, why not?

In business, I have met all sorts of clients, from the nice ones to the cray-cray ones that call you five times a day. In the end, it’s all about pleasing every client. When I write, I do it to fulfill their desire. They want content and I provide it!

Greta is a blog professional with amazing style!

What networking do you do that helps your blogging or business?

As mentioned above, networking isn’t my strongest trait. I have however met people via Facebook groups, Twitter groups, and Instagram pods.

How do you come up with material/content for your business or blog and keep ideas fresh? 

Most times I get inspiration from everything and anything around me. Sometimes I read other articles to come up with a unique title for a blog. It depends really. I think every blogger will tell you that blog content is sporadic.

I keep ideas fresh by making sure that the content is written differently to what you’ll find on the first page of Google results. People are tired of reading the same content over and over and so I try to write differently than other blogs.

Happiness and motivation are her goals, blogging is the game.

What’s your strategy for your blog or business in general?

My strategy is to motivate and help people with my content.To bring happiness to their life.

What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers or a business can give its customers?

Education. A blog is pointless if it doesn’t educate the reader and leave them with something to think about. A business is pointless if it doesn’t educate its customers on how their product can change their lives.

No blog is ever too small. Greta loves to educate her readers constantly.

What are some tips for people interesting in making money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

I wrote a couple of blogs in this regard, here they are:

What has been your strategy for creating visibility for yourself and/or your blog?

Social media! I use social media regularly by maintaining a posting schedule and joining relevant groups.

If someone was interested in blogging or starting a new business, what would be a few things you would suggest?

I would suggest reading other experiences first before your start. Their experiences can help you to avoid their mistakes. I would also suggest bulking up your social media following. It helps to be popular as these people will often become lifetime readers of your blog.




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