Three Simple Exercises to Help with Chronic Pain: Focus on Your Fitness

By Angelique Beniquez

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, you may find it challenging to focus on other aspects of your health. Fitness is an effective way to switch your focus on improving your health and acts as a way to keep you mentally and physically busy. Once you begin seeing progress, it truly motivates you. Inspire yourself to work hard on your fitness with these three simple exercises! Remember to get moving before a workout by doing light stretching and dynamic exercises that mimic your workout. For example, circle your hips around to activate muscle groups.

LEGS: Donkey Kicks


Donkey kicks will strengthen your legs while building your booty at the same time! This is a great way to slowly build up your muscle. Over time you can add weights behind your knees or wear ankle weights to challenge yourself.

ARMS: Pray and Pulse


Pray and pulse is a very simple yet effective way to gain muscle in your triceps. You can use a ball, as shown to add resistance. However, the exercise is also effective without a ball. Over time, you can challenge yourself and add wrist weights!

BACK: Hip Raises


Building back muscle is a fantastic way to battle back pain. Bridges are a very easy way to do this! If you want to challenge yourself, add weight to your hips.

As you see progress, you will be more motivated than ever. Be an inspiration to yourself, and of course don’t forget to stretch!


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