Best Friend Care Package

Author: Samantha Thuesen

It’s important to remind our loved ones how much they mean to us, especially when we don’t see them every day. After saying “I love you,” it’s nice to do something a little extra, whether it be surprising them with flowers, bringing them to dinner, or sending them a care package.

One of my closest friends is away at school completing a summer course, and I won’t be able to see her for two months. She’s on a pre-med track, so you can imagine how stressful her classes are. I thought she could use a little reminder of how much I appreciate her, and what better way than with a care package? A best friend care package.

Putting a good care package together is no simple task; you need to plan. How big should the box be? Should I decorate it? Will there be a theme? These are all important questions that I didn’t ask myself ahead of time. In my defense, I’ve never put a care package together before, but I did learn a few things throughout the process. First, find a box. This will help you determine how many items you can fit inside. I ended up buying all the items first, then scavenging the house to find the right-sized box. If you want to choose a theme, go ahead! I’ve seen people decorate boxes with a certain color, then fill it with items of that same color. For instance, Happy Go Lucky created a “Box of Sunshine.” I chose a simpler route: pink paper and butterfly stickers.


Next, make a list before you go shopping. I didn’t make a list, but I knew I wanted to fulfill three categories: food, health and beauty, and love. Food is a college student’s best friend, especially snack food, but it’s important to stay healthy. I chose veggie chips, yogurt covered raisins, and of course some dark chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate helps with studying, and that sounds like enough reason for me.


Health and beauty comes next. College students need to remember to take care of themselves in between classes and studying. What better way to relax with your snacks than with a nice face mask? Or three.


Finally, most importantly, comes love. Food will be eaten and masks will be washed away, but love always stays. Originally, I had planned to get a cute stuffed animal, but while walking through the store I came across something even better: Disney pillows. My friend loves Disney, and I had the choice between Genie, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella, and Ariel. I’m not very good at being sneaky, so I just texted her the characters and asked which one she preferred. She answered Genie, but thankfully assumed I was just taking a Buzzfeed quiz, so no questions were asked. The best part about her picking Genie was that I could attach a little note to him.


I was walking out of the store, ready to make my purchases, when I came across something I knew I had to get. I was in the book isle, and sitting on a lone shelf was a Golden Girls coloring book. If there’s something my friend loves more than Disney, it’s The Golden Girls.


Now, not only can she put on a face mask, enjoy some veggie chips, and lean back on her plush Genie pillow, but now she can do it all while coloring some Golden Girls. Perfect. Mission success.

After packing everything into the box at home, I topped it off with a card. And what better than a kitten card? Write whatever you want in your card, if you choose to include one. I wrote a funny poem and a personal note.


And here’s the final product. Add some wrapping and decorations if you’d like. I wrapped the pillow and coloring book in tissue paper and tossed some pieces of curled ribbon in there.


All that’s left to do now is send it on its way and hope the chocolate doesn’t melt. Obviously, this care package won’t be for everyone, but I hope it can give you some ideas! Food, health and beauty, and love work for everyone, not just college students. Amy Allender has a great list of care package ideas if you need inspiration! As long as you show your love, in any form, you’re doing it right.

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