Introducing the Founder & Editor: Arlene Garcia, Ph.D.

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To raise awareness for chronic illness warriors, Dr. Garcia founded BitterSweet: Real Talk. The mission is to help others turn adversity into triumph and live their best life now. BitterSweet: Real Talk aims to raise national awareness for chronic warriors and increase resources for children and adults who are affected.  Please like our Facebook Page, follow us on Instagram, and Twitter. Join our network and subscribing to our mailing list.  Thank you so much for supporting our goals to raise awareness for chronic warriors! Empowerment is at our forefront!

Her story: Arlene Garcia, Ph.D. is a high school history teacher, lifestyle promoter, exam prep instructor, and a Gates and Hord Scholar who obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching through a dual degree honors program. She also completed her certificate in School Building Leadership (SBL) and doctorate in criminal justice (about-arlene-garcia2).

On the outside one would say Dr. Arlene Garcia is well established and put together, but on the inside she was slowly dying. Years of misdiagnoses caused her to suffer from a major mood disorder and depression. If you came into contact with her, you would have thought she was crazy or in a bad mood ALL THE TIME. But years later, Dr. Garcia was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, a thyroid disorder that proved difficult to treat because to make matters worse, she had a genetic mutation that prevented her medication from working properly. Being compound heterozygous, due to the MTHFR genetic mutation, wreaked havoc on her body. This mutation caused methylation issues that prevented her body from digesting food and functioning properly. For more info on MTHFR, click here.

Two years ago, this diagnosis answered many questions for her and gave her part of her life back. Finally, she got the confirmation that she always knew. She wasn’t just crazy as many doctors made her feel due their inability to treat her various ailments. She has now taken back her life and is on the road to recovery thanks to this newfound knowledge and a doctor who broke from the traditional textbook response and listened to his patient. She uses this platform to share her story: the bitter, the sweet, and the ugly.

Real Talk

Introducing Social Media Intern: Michele Garville

michele intern

Michele is currently a junior at Fordham University in the Bronx (Go Rams!) with a communications major and a marketing minor.

Her hobbies include: writing, drinking way too much coffee, shopping with grandma and eating everything that is gluten-free. Favorite quote: “it’s never to late to be who you might have been”.


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