Publishing and Editing Consultations 

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Are you looking for an editor to refine your writing? I have experience editing thousands of documents. Services include proofreading, editing, essays, speech writing, and more. Click here for editing-fees.

As a published author who holds a doctorate, I have countless hours of proofreading and editing documents. With years of editing experience and content production, I provide highly skilled services which include editing and publishing advice.


“Arlene Garcia, Ph.D., provided editorial feedback to La Femme Latina, a blog for young Latinas running from 2012-2013. During this time La Femme Latina had four contributing writers whose articles spanned across beauty and wellness. I was impressed with Arlene’s ability to provide editorial feedback on the spectrum of articles in a way that still honored the essence of the writer’s message. In addition, Arlene’s connectedness to the audience reached by La Femme Latina helped her to ensure key messages were fresh and relevant. It was truly a pleasure working with Arlene on La Femme Latina.” Founder of La Femme Latina, Teresa Geovanna

“What a wonderful book with a simple but profound message of hope for young girls. Good job Dr. Garcia. Can’t Wait for the second book.” Abbas Nuriddin

“The book will cover many age categories; I feel it’s a great message you put out there for several reasons. Too often young girls are lost because of their lack of direction. This book is an eye opener, an opportunity for the young population to consider their future and not nails, hair and boys. Two thumbs up…another good one for my showcase. Aria, thanks for your hand over hand, so cute.
Best of everything in your book.” Eloise Adegbola

“After reading this book I found it to be a great book to read to children. It shows them they can try many different things in life and be who they are no matter what. Great children’s book to have in your collection.” Kay Y